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Kids On Bluegrass Europe !


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Instruments Bluegrass et cousins
 Instruments Bluegrass et cousins 

We are really happy and proud to announce the EBMA event  Kids On Bluegrass Europe, hosted in 2022 by Jam Hall.

Thanks to a warmhearted international partnership, this new event offers a new opportunity to European families loving Bluegrass music and values.

European Bluegrass Music Association, Jam Hall (France), Barcelona Bluegrass Camp (Spain), Czech Bluegrass Music Association, (Czech Republic), Cologne Bluegrass Bash (Germany) and the well known Bluegrass in La Roche Festival join together for this first edition, place and dates being in La Roche sur Foron during the 2022 festival.

Barcelona Bluegrass Camp Kids 2020 - Jam Hall
Barcelona Bluegrass Camp Kids 2020
European Kids on Bluegrass 2022. - Jam Hall
European Kids on Bluegrass 2022.
 - Jam Hall

Comment ça se passe ?

The workshop is open to kids aged from 6 to 16 (two groups). It will take place in the morning on Tuesday the 4th, Friday the 5th and Saturday the 06th of August 2022.

Students will work on two to four easy songs or tunes and perform on the Lunch Stage on Saturday, at the end of the workshop.

Every usual bluegrass instrument (fiddle, guitar, mandolin, dobro, upright bass, banjo) is welcome, and so are their cousins (ukulele, harmonica, dulcimer, autoharp...).

To participate, only basic playing is required : being able to play a simple melody and standard chords (G, C, D, A...) for back up, and of course singing is allowed !

Musical langage is simple, and the teachers Lluis Gomez (Spain), Maribel Rivero (Spain), Julia Zech (Germany) et Ti' Pierre (France) all speak at least English and of course their own languages. For other languages, the parents or guardians are welcome to translate, the talkings will be basic and simple.

Le Dauphiné Libéré, 06 Mai 2022. - Jam Hall
Le Dauphiné Libéré, 06 Mai 2022.

Would you like a cherry on the cake ?

To promote this first edition, registering to all three mornig workshop and performance on stagecost only... 30 €.

More details (8 languages), inquiries and registering on the EBMA website or on our special page.

It will be the 1rst edition, so we do not have a video yet. But as an example, the pages above show a short video on the Barcelona Bluegrass Camp Kids 2020.

Article rédigé par Philippe Boutet & Ti' Pierre



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