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Virton Spring Workshop 2023 : starting blocks !


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Like every end of the year, many musicians are eager to register to the Virton Spring Workshop, hosted by Musique Acoustique ASBL. This yearly international workshop is in Belgium.

This workshop is really appreciated by acoustic musicians, and they have good reasons.

The teachers are highly selected, giving students full attention. Playing on stage is organized and encouraged, and n the end of the workshop, the students just can't wait... until next year!


 - Jam Hall
 - Jam Hall
 - Jam Hall

How much is it ?

Prices are from 380 € including meals from Tuesday to Saturday, tuition, insurance to 480 € or 535 € with lodging.

The cherry on the cake: this workshop is also known for its excellent atmosphere.

 - Jam Hall
 - Jam Hall
 - Jam Hall

The teachers

- Rythm Guitar : André Vandomber (B)
- Flatpicking Guitar : Roberto Della Vecchia (I)
- Fingerpicking Guitar : Stéphane Wertz (B)
- Manouche Guitar : Diégo Simon (F)
- DADGAD Guitar : Téo Crommen (B)
- Dobro : Henrich Novak (SK)
- Mandolin : Jesper Rubner Petersen (DK)
- Irish Fiddle : Lorcan & Kieran Fahy (B-IE)
- Harmonica : Thierry Crommen (B)
- Singing : Elsa Grégoire et François Vaiana (B)
- Double bass : André Klenes (B)
- Banjo : Lluis Gomez (ES)
- Ukulele : Alexandre Falcone (B).

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Registering opens on 2023 January 1rst 2023 at 00:01. Well, you will still be awake, won't you?

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