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Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival


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Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
 Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival  

Any plans for the june 24, 25 and 26 weekend ? Why don't you ride to Rotterdam for a great festival with an amazing lie up ?

The Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival will celebrate its 10th edition, after a two year break (guess why).

The line-up shows a large and varied choice of bands and styles from U.S.A. and Europe : Gangstagrass (hip-hop et bluegrass), the Legendary Shack Shakers (southern gothic), Henhouse Prowlers  (traditional bluegrass) and the "one-man country folk band" Possessed By Paul James.

Add The Blue Grass Boogiemen (Netherlands) , the Tennessee Studs (Netherlands) and The Switchbacks (Netherlands), Yonder Boys, Johnny & the Yooahoos (Germany) and The Scarecrows AKA (U.K.).

Well, to entice a little bit, try a video by Johnny and the Yoohaoos, the Tennessee Studs or the Henhouse Prowlerss.

Gangstagrass - Jam Hall
The Blue Grass Boogiemen - Jam Hall
The Blue Grass Boogiemen
The Henhouse Prowlers - Jam Hall
The Henhouse Prowlers

More (websites) and many nice and beautiful things to please your ears. :

Follow the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival on its website or on Facebook.

Oops, I forgot : admission to the festival is free of charge !

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